This one really smelled. Smelled quite delightful, actually, as Smith&Wesson, The Fragrance is made from a rare type of Caribbean lime. That said, Parley Cosmetics needed a store to sell this delightful fragrance from, an online store. As well as a very strong branding website. One that conveyed strength along with that delightful smell.

So SDG took the fragrance and developed a store for it to be sold, along with a website to announce it to the world. The store was completely original, 100% flash driven, formed with the thought in mind of creating a strong online shopping experience. The website, that was like the fragrance in very nearly every way (strong, sophisticated, high-end, manly) ex-cept for the fact that the website ended up, no matter how much scratching and sniffing you did, odorless.

Although it still gave S&W the means to make the whole world over smell better through sales.

Project Date: 2005