Granola, while very popular within the organic / whole food industry, was less well known as a self made mix. To help promote the ease-of-use and overall benefits of Mix My Granola with a broader range of people, David Oliver Steinberg and Steinberg Design Group developed a playful and creative mixing experience for the community.

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Our solution consists of the MixMyGranola Container, which houses a rich set of AJAX codes designed by SDG.

The MixMyGranola Container allows the user to quickly access and manage their favorite mixes, as well as accessing on the fly pre-made mixes by the MMG team or browsing the mixes by all customers. Users can also add personalized their own mixes to customize the experience.

MixMyGranola, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is a privately held Delaware corporation. The MixMyGranola headquarters and mixing plant in which we mix our delicious custom-made granola are located in sunny Miami, Florida.

The Container
Each container holds 16 ounces of delicious granola and has an individual label on the back stating the exact nutrition facts of your custom-made granola mix and its ingredients. Each label also includes an individual Mix-ID that allows you (or anyone else) to re-order your favorite mix by entering the Mix-ID at The inside of the container is aluminum coated to keep your granola fresh and dry. It is sealed with a white plastic plug which is locked by “Freshness Guaranteed” stickers to maintain the highest quality that you can expect from MixMyGranola.